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Zambia Selected Candidates and Teachers 2023-2024 Recruitment Updates

Zambia Selected Candidates and Teachers 2023-2024 Recruitment Updates, List of Recruited Teachers in Zambia 2023/2024 PDF, Government Recruits 7,221 Teachers in 2023 Exercise, Responding to Overwhelming Demand,

Government has recruited 7,221 teachers under the 2023 recruitment exercise. Education Minister DOUGLAS SYAKALIMA says instead of recruiting 4,500 teachers budgeted for in 2023, the government has instead recruited an additional 2,721 bringing the number to 7,221 teachers.

Speaking during a press briefing at his office today, Mr. SYAKALIMA said the recruited teachers will replace those that have left the service. He added that the Ministry did this in order to respond to the overwhelming 69,311 applicants received in 2023.

Zambia Selected Candidates
Zambia Selected Candidates

Selected Candidates and Teachers 2023-2024 Recruitment

“Zambia Selected Candidates and Teachers” the process of selecting candidates and teachers for various educational programs and initiatives in Zambia. It involves identifying and recruiting individuals who meet specific criteria and qualifications to participate in these programs.

The selection process typically includes assessments, interviews, and evaluations to ensure that the chosen candidates and teachers possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to contribute effectively to the educational system.


The selection of candidates and teachers is crucial in ensuring the quality of education and the overall success of educational programs in Zambia. It helps to ensure that students receive high-quality instruction and support from qualified and experienced educators.

The selection process also aims to promote diversity and inclusion by attracting a diverse pool of candidates and teachers who can bring different perspectives and experiences to the educational environment.

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By carefully selecting candidates and teachers, Zambia can enhance its education system and provide its students with the best possible opportunities for learning and development.

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