Top 100 KCSE candidates 2023 top 100 schools

Top 100 kcpe candidates 2023 top 100 schools, top 100 kcpe candidates 2023 top 100 schools, The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) is a national examination taken by students in Kenya at the end of their secondary school education. The top 100 candidates and schools in the 2023 KCSE exams  announced, as the exams are Took place in November/December 2023.

The top 100 candidates will be recognized for their outstanding academic achievements. They will typically receive awards, scholarships, and other forms of recognition from the government, educational institutions, and private organizations.

The top 100 schools will also be celebrated for their exceptional performance in preparing their students for the KCSE exams. These schools often have dedicated and experienced teachers, well-equipped facilities, and a supportive learning environment that contributes to their students’ success.


The KCSE results are highly anticipated in Kenya, as they serve as a key indicator of the quality of education provided by different schools and regions. They also play a crucial role in determining students’ future opportunities, such as admission to universities and colleges.

In summary, the top 100 KCSE candidates and schools in 2023 have not yet been determined, but they will be recognized for their outstanding academic achievements once the results are announced.