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Schedule Ratiba Ya Nbc Premier League 2024/25 Time and Dates

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The NBC Premier League is a Tanzanian football league that is operated by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). The league was established in 2022 and is the top level of professional football in Tanzania. The league consists of 16 teams and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Tanzanian First Division League.

The 2023/24 season of the NBC Premier League is scheduled to begin in August 2023 and will conclude in May 2024. The league will feature 16 teams, including the defending champions Simba SC. Other notable teams in the league include Young Africans SC, Azam FC, and Coastal Union.

Schedule Ratiba Ya Nbc Premier League 2024

Dates & Time Home Away
Monday 18/12/2023
16:00 JkT Tanzania vs Coastal Union
16:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Mashujaa
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Ihefu
Thursday 21/12/2023
16:00 Geita Gold vs Singida Foutain Gate
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Azam
14:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Namungo
Friday 22/12/2023
16:00 Tabora United vs Young Africans
Saturday 23/12/2023
16:00 KMC vs Simba
Friday 29/12/2023
16:00 Tabora United vs Simba
19:00 Young Africans vs Mashujaa
Monday 01/01/2024
16:00 Simba vs Azam
Tuesday 02/01/2024
19:00 Young Africans vs Dodoma Jiji
Thursday 04/01/2024
16:00 Geita Gold vs Simba
Friday 16/02/2024
14:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Azam
16:00 Kitayosce vs Singida Foutain Gate
19:00 Coastal Union vs Mtibwa Sugar
Saturday 17/02/2024
16:00 Geita Gold vs Mashujaa
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Simba
Sunday 18/02/2024
14:00 KMC vs Namungo
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs Young Africans
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Ihefu
Friday 23/02/2024
14:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Dodoma Jiji
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Kitayosce
Saturday 24/02/2024
14:00 Geita Gold vs Kagera Sugar
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs KMC
Sunday 25/02/2024
2:00 Coastal Union vs Simba
2:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Azam
2:00 Namungo vs Young Africans
16:00 Ihefu vs Mashujaa
Tuesday 27/02/2024
16:00 KMC vs Geita Gold
19:00 Simba vs Tanzania Prisons
Wednesday 28/02/2024
14:00 Kitayosce vs Coastal Union
16:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Mtibwa Sugar
19:00 Young Africans vs Ihefu
Thursday 29/02/2024
16:00 Mashujaa vs Namungo
18:00 Kagera Sugar vs JKT Tanzania
21:00 Azam vs Dodoma Jiji
Sunday 03/03/2024
14:00 Ihefu vs KMC
16:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Tanzania Prisons
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Kitayosce
Monday 04/03/2024
2:00 Young Africans vs Geita Gold
2:00 Azam vs Coastal Union
2:00 Simba vs Singida Foutain Gate
16:00 Mashujaa vs JKT Tanzania
21:00 Namungo vs Kagera Sugar
Friday 29/03/2024
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Geita Gold
Saturday 30/03/2024
16:00 KMC vs Kitayosce
19:00 Coastal Union vs Ihefu
Sunday 31/03/2024
2:00 Simba vs Mashujaa
2:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Namungo
2:00 Azam vs Young Africans
15:00 JKT Tanzania vs Tanzania Prisons
18:00 Kagera Sugar vs Mtibwa Sugar
Friday 05/04/2024
15:00 Kitayosce vs JKT Tanzania
Saturday 06/04/2024
15:00 Geita Gold vs Mtibwa Sugar
Sunday 07/04/2024
15:00 Mashujaa vs Coastal Union
18:00 Kagera Sugar vs Dodoma Jiji
Monday 08/04/2024
1:00 Ihefu vs Simba
1:00 Namungo vs Azam
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Young Africans
15:00 Tanzania Prisons vs KMC
Friday 12/04/2024
13:00 Kitayosce vs Kagera Sugar
15:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs KMC
18:00 Azam vs Mashujaa
Saturday 13/04/2024
16:00 Young Africans vs Simba
Sunday 14/04/2024
15:00 Geita Gold vs Tanzania Prisons
17:00 Namungo vs Coastal Union
20:00 Dodoma Jiji vs JKT Tanzania
Monday 15/04/2024
15:00 Ihefu vs Singida Foutain Gate
Friday 19/04/2024
15:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Kagera Sugar
Saturday 20/04/2024
15:00 Kitayosce vs Geita Gold
17:00 Dodoma Jiji vs KMC
Sunday 21/04/2024
1:00 Namungo vs Simba
1:00 Azam vs Ihefu
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Mashujaa
1:00 Young Africans vs Coastal Union
15:00 JKT Tanzania vs Mtibwa Sugar
Friday 26/04/2024
15:00 KMC vs Kagera Sugar
Saturday 27/04/2024
15:00 Ihefu vs Namungo
Sunday 28/04/2024
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Dodoma Jiji
1:00 Mashujaa vs Young Africans
1:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Azam
1:00 Simba vs Kitayosce
15:00 JKT Tanzania vs Geita Gold
18:00 Coastal Union vs Tanzania Prisons
Tuesday 30/04/2024
18:00 Young Africans vs Kagera Sugar
Wednesday 01/05/2024
13:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Kitayosce
15:00 Ihefu vs JKT Tanzania
17:00 Azam vs Simba
20:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Tanzania Prisons
Thursday 02/05/2024
15:00 Mashujaa vs KMC
17:00 Coastal Union vs Singida Foutain Gate
20:00 Namungo vs Geita Gold
Friday 10/05/2024
15:00 Geita Gold vs Coastal Union
Saturday 11/05/2024
13:00 Kitayosce vs Mashujaa
15:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Young Africans
18:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Namungo
Sunday 12/05/2024
1:00 JKT Tanzania vs Singida Foutain Gate
1:00 KMC vs Azam
15:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Ihefu
17:00 Kagera Sugar vs Simba
Friday 17/05/2024
15:00 Kitayosce vs Ihefu
18:00 Kagera Sugar vs Coastal Union
Saturday 18/05/2024
15:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Mashujaa
Sunday 19/05/2024
15:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Namungo
Monday 20/05/2024
1:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Young Africans
1:00 JKT Tanzania vs Azam
1:00 Simba vs Geita Gold
1:00 KMC vs Singida Foutain Gate
Monday 20/05/2024
1:00 Coastal Union vs JKT Tanzania
1:00 Simba vs KMC
1:00 Ihefu vs Dodoma Jiji
1:00 Mashujaa vs Mtibwa Sugar
1:00 Namungo vs Tanzania Prisons
1:00 Young Africans vs Kitayosce
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Geita Gold
1:00 Azam vs Kagera Sugar
Wednesday 29/05/2024
1:00 Simba vs JKT Tanzania
1:00 Coastal Union vs KMC
1:00 Mashujaa vs Dodoma Jiji
1:00 Ihefu vs Mtibwa Sugar
1:00 Young Africans vs Tanzania Prisons
1:00 Namungo vs Kitayosce
1:00 Geita Gold vs Azam
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Kagera Sugar
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The league will be played in a double round-robin format, with each team playing each other twice, once at home and once away. A total of 306 matches will be played during the season. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned champions.

The top two teams in the NBC Premier League will qualify for the CAF Champions League, while the third-placed team will qualify for the CAF Confederation Cup. The bottom two teams in the league will be relegated to the Tanzanian First Division League.


The NBC Premier League is a highly competitive league and is followed by a large number of fans in Tanzania and beyond. The league provides an opportunity for Tanzanian players to showcase their talents and compete at a high level.