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Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya kwa mtu binafsi 2024 NHIF

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya kwa mtu binafsi 2024, National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Tanzania. In Tanzania, the NHIF is a government-owned organization that provides health insurance coverage to citizens of the country. To be eligible for NHIF coverage in Tanzania, citizens must register with the fund and pay a monthly contribution based on their income. In return, they are entitled to a range of healthcare benefits, including access to inpatient and outpatient care at NHIF-approved facilities, coverage for certain medical procedures and medications, and financial assistance for certain medical emergencies.
The NHIF in Tanzania also provides coverage for some non-citizens who are living and working in the country, including expatriates and refugees. You can find more information about the NHIF in Tanzania and its services on the fund’s website (

Bima Ya Afya kwa mtu binafsi


Dedicated to providing quality social health insurance for beneficiaries to access healthcare services through an extensive network of accredited health facilities.

NHIF Core Values

Members can trust the NHIF’s impeccable integrity. In all curricula and behaviors, the fund will inculcate a culture that reflects the following values: –
  • integration
  • liability
  • innovation
  • politeness
  • the speed
  • Preemptive

Health insurance Packages Gharama za vifurushi vya bima ya afya (NHIF)

According to the NHIF, new Packages ranging from 18 to 35 years old, the individual is Sh 192,000 (I Care Health), Sh 384,000 (Invest Health), and Sh 516,000 (Fulfill Health).
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For 39 to 59 years old, for an individual package, it is Shs 240,000 (I Care for Health), Shs 440,000 (Invest in Health), and Shs 612,000 (Fulfill Health). 60 years and older, per person is Shs 336,000 (I Care for Health), Shs 660,000 (Invest in Health) and Shs 984,000 (Fulfill Health). Recommended:

Final Thoughts

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