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Duwasa Is Instructed To Speed Up The Access Of Water In Udom

Minister of Water, Hon. Jumaa Aweso (Mb), has instructed the Dodoma Water and Wastewater Authority (DUWASA), to speed up the access to water for the University of Dodoma, as well as to conduct research on new sources of water to increase the amount of water needed per day at the university.

Minister Aweso said this today on January 23, 2024, during his visit to monitor the availability of fresh water at the college here.

“UDOM is a very important place that produces professionals and researchers, so we must show its importance. I am instructing the Director of the Fresh Water Authority, make sure you bring a team of experts to research new sources of water in UDOM, as well as prepare a special strategy to ensure that this large College gets a clean water service that will enable them to continue their activities calmly, to produce experts” emphasized Hon. Aweso

In addition, he has promised the Vice Chancellor of the College to continue closely monitoring the availability of water for UDOM, and that he will not be an obstacle for the College to get clean water.

“This College must be looked at more closely and have its own special line so that we can solve the water challenge here” added Hon. Aweso

Naye Vice Principal, Prof. Lughano Kusiluka said on average, DUWASA provides the College with 1,172,000 liters per day when the actual demand is more than 2,296,300 liters. Thus, the amount of water currently available is only 51 percent.

In addition, he mentioned some of the effects that the College experiences directly due to the lack of clean water, including major student complaints that have been made in various ways including social networks, the threat of strikes and the risk of outbreaks.

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Mr. Aweso in the visit was accompanied by the Honorable Mayor of Dodoma City Prof. Davis Mwamfupe, Senior Management of DUWASA AND RUWASA, Contractors and Dodoma District Management.

He concluded his visit by visiting the student dormitories and talking to the representatives of the students in Ndaki Education where the water challenge is great, as well as inspecting the water source of Iyumbu, and the water storage wells located in the college.