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Deni la Maegesho Gari TARURA Parking fee Online

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Deni la Maegesho Gari TARURA Parking fee Online” refers to the online parking fee payment system introduced by the Tanzania Roads Agency (TARURA) in 2021. This system allows motorists in Tanzania to pay for parking fees conveniently and securely using their mobile phones or other electronic devices.

kuangalia deni la Magegesho gari, bajaji, -pikipiki Parking fee Tarura code *152*00# and then follow procedure Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) is an Executive  Agency of the Ministry in the President’s Office

Termis Web System

Here’s a comprehensive explanation of how the “Deni la Maegesho Gari TARURA Parking fee Online” system works:

Registration: Motorists must first register for an account on the TARURA website or mobile app. This involves providing basic personal information and vehicle details.

Parking Zone Selection: Once registered, motorists can select the parking zone where they wish to park their vehicle. TARURA has designated various parking zones in different parts of Tanzania, each with its own parking fee.

Payment: Motorists can then make the parking fee payment using their mobile money account, bank account, or credit/debit card. The system supports various payment methods to ensure convenience for users.

Confirmation: Upon successful payment, motorists receive a confirmation message on their mobile phone or email. This confirmation serves as proof of payment and allows them to park their vehicle in the designated zone without the risk of being fined.

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Time Extension: If motorists need to extend their parking time, they can do so through the online system without having to return to their vehicles. This feature adds flexibility and convenience for users.

Notifications: The system sends reminder notifications to motorists when their parking time is about to expire, allowing them to avoid parking violations and potential fines.


Overall, the “Deni la Maegesho Gari TARURA Parking fee Online” system simplifies the process of paying for parking fees, reduces the need for cash transactions, and enhances the overall parking experience for motorists in Tanzania.

Final Thoughts

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