Ajira Za Jeshi La Magereza 2024 NAFASI za Kazi Jeshi la Magereza 2024/2025

In This article you will find Ajira Za Jeshi La Magereza 2024 NAFASI za Kazi Jeshi la Magereza 2024/2025, Nafasi za ajira Jeshi la Magereza kwa vijana, opportunities for young Tanzanians aged from 18 to 25 years for fourth form graduates while those with skills from 18 to 30 years old.

One of the qualifications for applicants is that they must be citizens of Tanzania with education starting from the fourth form and knowledge of various fields at the level of diploma, diploma and degree.

According to the information released to the public and compiled by the Commissioner General of the Army, Mzee Nyamka, it has been stated that the deadline for receiving such applications is January 26 this year.

Applicants must have other qualifications, including having either a citizenship ID or an identification number from the National Identification Authority (NIDA).

“He must have graduated from the National Building Force (JKT) training, or those who are in the camps, must not have been employed by the Government,” said part of the statement.

Applicants will also be required to have a birth certificate, a minimum height of 5.4 feet for women and 5.7 feet for men, and that they will be required to have good physical and mental health certified by a Government doctor.

How to apply

In the statement, it is stated that applications for these positions should be sent to the head of the prison located in the applicant’s neighborhood and that all letters should be sent by post.

The letters should be accompanied by copies of birth certificates, certificates of graduation from the fourth form, and a certificate of health certification from the government Medical Officer.

Other parameters that should be attached to the letter include a copy of the citizenship identification or the identification number from Nida, as well as a copy of the certificate to serve in the nation-building army.

For those who are in the camps, the notice asks them to submit a letter from the squad leader, one passport photo, a letter from the Executive Officer of the Village or Street where the applicant lives.

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Criteria for qualified applicants

For applicants with knowledge, the notice has indicated that the applicant should write the letter by hand and his mobile phone number that can be reached at all times.

Their applications should be sent to the Commissioner General of Prisons in the country based on his address and he should attach all his important documents including a letter of identification from the Local Government where he lives.

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