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Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2024 na Kada ya Afya 2024/2025 TAMISEMI

In  This Post Find Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2024 na Kada ya Afya 2024/2025 TAMISEMI, TAMISEMI ajira Mpya za walimu 2024 Nafasi za Kazi Walimu and Afya 2024 Apply Ajira TAMISEMI 2023/2024- Ajira za Walimu na Afya.

The government has said it will provide 23,000 new jobs for teachers and health officers in the period from January to February, this year.

 The Minister of State in the Office of the President, Regional Administrations and Local Governments (Tamisemi), Mohamed Mchengerwa, said this today Saturday, January 6, 2024 when he closed the work session of administrative secretaries, assistant education and council education officers held in Morogoro region.

He has said that after 13,000 jobs were given to teachers who were hired and allocated places, the Government is adding new ones.

“In this period of January and February, Tamisemi already has permission for the employment of teachers and soon we will announce, including health officers. A total of 23,000 will be employed soon,” he said.

Mchengerwa has said that the move is based on the addition of 302 new schools and 1,668 classes that will receive students on January 8, 2024.

He said that this is the preparation of projects that have been carried out by the Government, including increasing schools and classes through the project to strengthen and improve primary and primary education (Boost).

Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2024 na Kada ya Afya 2024/2025 TAMISEMI

He said Sh1.2 trillion has been spent on secondary schools, including 1,000 new ones for the ward and 26 for girls in the regions that were built and will receive students in January 2024.

Mchengerwa has said that in order to ensure that Tanzanian children get free education, the Government has been spending approximately Sh33.3 ​​billion every month in funding education without fees.

He has said that in order to ensure successful education, the Government has improved the environment of teachers by promoting them to 227,263 grades and paying those who claim arrears.

Mchengerwa has instructed the officers to ensure that they remove the teachers’ concerns in order to improve their environment and asked them to reduce the complaints of the cadre.

“I don’t want to hear the complaints of teachers like I did when I was in the service, there were officers who did good about 58 I stripped them of their positions. I made difficult decisions while in the service. I don’t want teachers to be abused, I’d rather make the many happy than the few,” he said and added:

“To manage the interests of teachers, I will make difficult decisions; bullying, harassing and hiding files so that they are not promoted, I will not hesitate to take action.”

Mchengerwa has asked the servants, teachers and all others under Tamisemi to ensure that they work hard.

He said 76 percent of public servants are in Tamisemi which is in every region, district, village and township, so they have the responsibility to do well.

 “Tamisemi is the engine of the Government, this is the engine of the country, this ministry of the people is the pillar of our Nation. If we do well in Tamisemi, all other ministries will do well and the foundation of all ministries depends on Tamisemi. I am telling you very clearly and whoever sees that he is dragging himself, I will not hesitate to take action against him. I have said this and I will continue to repeat it, everyone must work hard, there is no flattery.”

Maombi ya Ajira Za Walimu OTEAS 2024/2025

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  • Fill in the information like your names, mobile numbers, emails
  • After filling in your particulars above, you will be successfully created the account after clicking REGISTER. Then log in to continue to the next step

STEP 3: Filling Of Particular Information
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In addition, Mchengerwa has instructed administrative secretaries and education officers to ensure that the dams that were supposed to be completed in 2023 are completed by January 15, 2024.

“I ask you to go and manage these projects, especially in areas without excuses. You received the money on time, go and push this wheel before the date mentioned and this I have instructed the heads of the regions and they have promised me,” he said.

He has asked them to ensure that all schools that are 70 percent complete are registered and start receiving students.

He said for those who entered the second grade in 2022, the number has also increased and reached 95 percent.

Dr. Msonde has said that a lot of work should be done in the teaching skills of secondary school teachers, since the first form that starts the semester on January 8, 2024 who passed the English language is 34 percent.

“34 percent passed the English course, so they will have a big task to learn the language first and then they can know English,” he said and added:

“Those in the first form of last year, secondary school teachers have done a great job, who will now be in the second form. Your instructions are the ones that brought these results today, we are making sure that the children of the third grade are starting to understand the language,” he said.

Talking about the evaluation of the food situation, he said that 66 percent of primary schools have started providing food from the previous 50 percent.

The Head of Morogoro Region, Adam Malima has said that for the year 2024, the region expects to register 84,600 first grade students.

He said that number will require 2,638 classrooms and 39,000 desks, so there is a shortage of 1,100 classrooms and 10,200 desks.


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